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    Aaron’s Best Bits

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    Au revoir | Danny Miller’s final message

    As Aaron’s departure draws closer, actor Danny Miller relives some of Aaron’s highs and lows from the past four years. He’s come a long way since the troubled teen who arrived in 2008. Full of angst as he fought against his sexuality and his turbulent relationship with his mother, Chas. His romance with Jackson proved to be Aaron’s defining moment and helped to reveal his true character traits, one of those being fierce loyalty to his family and friends. But it’s this loyalty that will be put to the test, when he steps up to take the rap for his best friend Adam in the aftermath of the fire. Is there any hope for happiness in Aaron’s future?

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    Tinie Thomas - Written In The Stars

    Adam Thomas, Kelvin Fletcher and Cast & Crew made this for Dannys leaving party!

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    'Emmerdale's Danny Miller films final scenes, thanks fans on Twitter

    Danny Miller has revealed that he filmed his final scenes on Emmerdale today after four years in the soap. The 21-year-old actor, who has won awards for his portrayal of the angst-ridden Aaron Livesy, made a stirring statement on Twitter.

    "Well that’s it," he wrote earlier this evening (Friday). "Can’t explain the emotions i feel at the moment! It’s been a pleasure to play Aaron and I love you all for taking the character on and loving his storylines. Thank you so much for your support for me the last 4 years! I love you all and finally a HUMUNGOUS thank you to everyone at Emmerdale for the trust and support me like families do! Thank you all so much! X"

    Yesterday, a report revealed the location and possible nature of Aaron’s final episode, which will air on April 5. Over the next fortnight, the character becomes romantically involved with a professional rugby player called Ed. Emmerdale bosses have already confirmed that Aaron’s exit will be “heartbreaking”.


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    Aaron & Ed preview | Danny Miller Interview

    Poor Aaron’s been through a tough time since Jackson’s death, and finding a new love interest has been the furthest thing from his mind. But since a certain Rugby player came to the village, Aaron’s cool demeanour has become a little less icy. As Aaron and Ed’s big date night approaches, Danny Miller gives viewers a sneak preview of what we can expect.

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    Danny Miller praises new Aaron romance

    Emmerdale star Danny Miller has predicted that his character Aaron Livesy’s new romance storyline will prove a hit with fans. Next week’s episodes of the ITV1 soap see Aaron embark on a relationship with rugby player Ed Roberts, who was first introduced as a customer at the garage earlier this month.

    Aaron’s bond with Ed marks the first time that he has developed strong feelings for anybody since the death of his boyfriend Jackson last year. Miller, pondering how Emmerdale viewers will react to the plot, told Inside Soap: “Those who got into the Aaron and Jackson story from the start will still love Jackson. They might not take to Ed at first, but they will. Lloyd Everitt, who plays him, is a great actor - he’s helping to make it all very believable.”

    Discussing the story, he continued: “Aaron has a chance to learn from his past mistakes. This is a positive step for him - getting involved with someone new. Jackson is gone and now Hazel’s left the village, so this is about Aaron moving on. “He’s attracted by Ed’s good looks and laid-back attitude - even if he’s trying not to make it too obvious how he feels.” Emmerdale airs Aaron and Ed’s first kiss on Monday, March 5 at 7pm on ITV1.


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    Danny’s red hot exit from Emmerdale

    Danny Miller has been handed an explosive exit from Emmerdale this coming April as his troubled character Aaron Livesy will narrowly escape being burned alive in the garage, according to the Daily Star, and the fire will be started by his pal Adam Barton. (Theemmerdaily.com, 23rd February 2012).


    Adam, played by Adam Thomas, wants revenge on Cain Dingle, who he believes is responsible for the death of his dad, John. He will set fire to the garage thinking Cain (Jeff Hordley) is trapped inside. But Adam is devastated when Cain turns up to see his business in flames. The lad then realises it’s his best mate Aaron trapped inside. A show insider said: “Adam feels sick that he may have killed the wrong man. Fans will be on the edge of their seats when he races into the burning building to try and save him. There will be a real nail-biting moment when you are left wondering whether either will get out alive.” The Daily Star has confirmed that both lads will make it out alive - something Betty can confirm. There are no plans to kill off either character. But Cain is out for blood when he realises the fire was started deliberately. To spare the Bartons any more misery, Aaron claims he’s to blame and decides to leave Emmerdale for good. Danny had told bosses he wanted his character killed off but they said no as they hope he could return to the show one day.


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    Emmerdale - Farewell to Hazel (23rd-25th January 2012)

    Just re-watch the best of Emmerdale on youtube.com/user/TheInsomniaTV

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    'Aaron exit keeps changing', says Danny Miller

    Emmerdale star Danny Miller has revealed that the soap’s team are still discussing how to write out his character Aaron Livesy. Aaron will be leaving the village in the spring as Miller has decided to pursue new projects following his three-year stint with the show.

    Speaking on Lorraine this morning, the 21-year-old actor confirmed that he has yet to receive exact details of Aaron’s exit. “They keep chopping and changing [it] - I think because they want to make it quite impactful and dramatic,” Miller explained.

    He continued: “I hope it’s not leaving in the back of a cab, but there’s great storyliners and a great team there.” Miller added that he is looking forward to attending new auditions once he has finished filming at Emmerdale. “It’s terrifying, because it’s such a secure job, and to decide that you want to go out there to the big wide world is quite a scary feeling, really,” he said. “But it’s exciting as well.”


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    Danny Miller | ‘Lorraine’ Interview

    Danny Miller on ‘Lorraine’, Friday 20th January 2012.

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